The choir was started in 2007 by Teresa Verney, who runs weekly singing groups in Norfolk called Sing for Joy. We met once a month, each year contributing two or three songs to Sing for Joy's annual concert. In 2013 we asked Teresa if we could meet more often than monthly but sadly she could not manage this so we looked for a new teacher and were fortunate to find Stephanie, who has been with us since September 2014.

A sample of our singing through the years: 

Rawhide!, 2010

Going to the West, 2010

Down in the River, 2011

Hail Smiling Morn, 2012

Da Pacem Domine, 2015

The Holly and the Ivy, 2015

Mravalzhamier (with Trinity Broads Singers), 2016

Uyahalalela, 2016

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